How to mix and master music


There are a couple of things needed to mix and master music. Just as when one says that one needs to have green fingers to do gardening, the same goes with music. For this, needs to have a good ear. In fact, a critical ear would be more appropriate. The first and foremost thing to do is to listen to the track carefully. The second thing that needs to be done is to be hard-hearted or ruthless and delete those parts which one feels is not essential for the song or not. So just because one has taken the trouble to record it does not mean that one has to mix it. The best thing to do is to concentrate on the best part of the song that fits in and deletes the rest.


Things that one will need to mix:  as mentioned earlier the most important thing one needs is a good and critical ear.  One needs to work on the stereo track before panning the tracks. One should try not to raise the pitch of the track as one will not be able to mesh the frequencies with other instruments. To get out of the mesh is to listen to the track slowly, and one can get out of this problem. The next thing that one can do is to pan the drums to form a natural image. One can keep the kick and the snare in the centre, the hi-hat to the right and the mics that are an overhead move to the left and right. It is at this point that the bass guitar needs to be brought in and adjust the level to one that sounds with a certain rhythm.  

mpti-live-performanceIt is very essential to pick up the right ingredients of the song. However when it comes to the equalizer or EQ then the less is easily more. Instead of raising the frequency to derive the desired clarity one can cut down on the troublesome frequencies. One needs to remember that the lower frequency eats up headroom, so it is better to cut down on them when it is possible. It is good to add effects to the song, but hip hop mixing and mastering services are advisable to do it sparingly. Overusing of the effect processors can take the life out of the mix faster than one can imagine. Reverbs tend to lower the track and compression strangles the dynamic range. In the process what may tend to appear good will end up being a pain in the ear.

Don’t’s in the Mix:  The mix down duration should not run for too long. Also, do not run the mix for too long and so it is advisable to rake a break. Do not listen to the same music daily but take a change in the different systems if one can employ. Hence when one can get back to the mix after the break, one will find out that it was a good idea to take the break when finding a recording studio in tampa.


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