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How to do t shirt printing using silk screen

Screen Printing T Shirts like A Pro!

A lot of people are on the look for silk screen tool. If you are going to check them you will view that most of them are looking to use the tool as a source of income. Definitely, you can earn plus income or even a source of living by silk screening. There is a big demand for it and there is still room for fresh players.

Most people are looking for silk screen tool because they want to set up a t-shirt printing business. Does this indicate that they have to go the same route if you want to earn finance? Well, it is a best idea for you do so if you truly want to take benefit of the limitless potentials of the printing industry. Anyway, it is clear that a lot of people already have business put up like event organizing their African American family reunion t shirts.

Break Down #1

The remarkable thing about the printing business it is very versatile. You can perform it to complement most established businesses. If you are an event organizer, then you can purchase silk screen tool because you can use them as another source of revenue. As an even organizer, you have probably ordered a lot of shirts from t-shirt printing firms for your events. Now, would not it be a best idea for you to print your own shirts? This will keep you a lot of money.

Break Down #2

It is a remarkable way to get clients. As you probably know, customers generally have a lot of things that they need to take care of. This is the reason why they get event organizers in the primary place. They want something that can make it simple for them. Now, they also want to contact suppliers of giveaway. If you can advertise that you also perform giveaways, it is like hitting 2 birds with one stone for them. This provides you an edge over your competitors.

Break Down #3

It is also understandable that there are top months like December and slow months like August. Having the best silk screen tool can help you with the slow months. It can be extremely gainful sideline. Since you don’t have a lot of events, you can focus on your t-shirt printing business. This way, you will be earning a lot of finance the full year.

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Overnight T Shirt Printing


RUSH! Shipping For Company T Shirts

T-shirt printing can be an extremely costly business. Equipment, machinery and sundries can include up to tens of 1000s of dollars. Anyway, you don’t need all the equipment of an expert screen printer to print your own t-shirts. What you do need can cost you less than hundred dollars, not a bad investment if you have a best idea for t-shirt.

You will need, a coating trough, a silk screen in a frame, a UV lamp, running water preferably with a hosepipe a moveable inkjet printer and electric fire. The sundries you will need are photo cure emulsion, acetate paper, and plastisol ink. I’ve found that with  Tampa Screen Printing w/

Fast Shirt Printing Services

The primary step is to prepare the screen by coating it with the image cure emulsion. You should coat it evenly 3 times on each side taking of any surplus with the coating trough. Then leave to dry horizontally in a dark area you can speed this process up by using a fan heater but be alert not to blow any dust onto the screen and reject creating any hotspots.

You then need to print your picture onto acetate paper making a positive picture using your inkjet printer. The ink should be thick enough to fully block out any light travling via it. Then place the acetate paper on the display and expose under the UV lamp for thirty minutes, this will solid the exposed emulsion to the screen then take of the acetate and clean the screen with hosepipe, as you clean the screen the unexposed emulsion will wash off leaving a quick good image from companies that next day t shirts with overnight rush, you get high quality.

Fast Custom T’s That Work For All Businesses

Next step is to place for company t shirts. Then place the screen onto the t-shirt make sure you have your image at the best height and positioning. Prepare your ink by stirring it rigorously for three minutes or until the ink loosen up. Put the ink on the screen and run the squeegee over the picture with a firm steady stroke. Delete the screen and you will have rightly printed t-shirt. You just need to dry it by holding over your moveable electric fire be alert not to get it to close as you don’t want it to burn and there you have your printed t-shirt. The tool mentioned above should cost you no


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