Do business shirts have pockets?

Larger sacks than the right thing, loafers instead of laced shoes, strident ties or excess buttons fastened. Every day, men make a series of unforgivable mistakes (and horrors) when dressing formally. Know how you should wear that costume impeccably. To many of us it will seem an exaggeration to wear such a ceremony, but for those who want to take the pomp of formality to the last consequences. There is no doubt, they are essential for the style and, of course, for storing things. Below we offer you the basic information that you should know about this primordial detail of every shirt.

The pockets of the shirt

The pockets are the point of confluence between fashion and functionality. Currently, shirts with a pocket are considered more casual. Opt for a shirt with a pocket if the occasion is a little more informal; on the other hand, for a more formal action, it is preferable to choose a model without a pocket like target. The corners may be rounded or pointed, and may also include a flap in the pocket.

Round pocket

The round pocket is a standard and is usually located on the left side of the chest.

Multi-purpose pocket

The name says it all: this type of pocket is the essence of versatility and practicality. It is often pressed on the outside of the shirt and stitched, and gives a more casual and casual appearance.

Pocketed pocket

Similar to the round pocket in terms of position, this modality shows an aspect that ends in an ostensible tip. They are much more elegant shirts without pocket, which are known as “dress shirts” used for suits. But do not worry because those in the pocket are also currently used with suits. Also, if you do not take off your jacket, which you should not, you will not be seen.